Every wireless carrier does things differently. When switching carriers and/or coming from different countries, some phones may not be compatible with the network infrastructure that Canadian carriers use. On another note, some Canadian phone numbers may not be able to be moved over to every network because of regional reasons (e.g. Dryden, Ontario phone numbers).

If you want to check your phone and phone number compatibility you can use the tools below:


This tool will tell you if your device is compatible with the network and if it has been reported stolen. It does not tell you if your device is locked or unlocked.

Open your phone app and dial *#06# and enter the 15 digit code in below


You can use this tool to see if your phone number can be moved over to one of the plans available here.
If you are already with Koodo, it will tell you you are not eligible because you're already on the network, however we have methods to get around that, not to worry.

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