Every wireless carrier does things differently. When switching carriers, some phones require the correct settings and credentials to access certain parts of their cellular network, like data access and SMS (text messaging) for example.

When setting up and inserting your new SIM card in your phone, the network settings may not be set up correctly. This can cause several issues, the most common being no access to the internet when off Wi-Fi and MMS (multimedia texts) not sending, nor receiving. APN (Access Point Network) settings are credentials which configure the phone to be allowed access to the cell carrier's network. These settings can be configured mostly with Android and BlackBerry devices. Apple devices usually set up the settings automatically upon SIM card installation or through network setting resets.

If you are having network related issues with your new SIM card you can follow the instructions below:

Apple Devices

Try the following:

-Restarting the device
-Cycling data and airplane mode on/off through settings or Control Center
-Re-inserting your SIM card
-Resetting your network settings (Open Settings app, "General", "Reset", "Reset Network Settings")

Android Devices

(Samsung, Google, BlackBerry, Huawei, LG, Sony, Motorola, etc.)

Try the following:

-Android 2.3 and lower: (Open Settings app, Wireless & Networks, Mobile Networks, Access Point Names, New APN setting (or a plus sign
-Android 4.0 and higher: (Open Settings app, Moreā€¦ , Mobile Networks, Access Point Names (or a plus sign)

Koodo APN Settings (enter the following)

Field ---> What to enter
Name Koodo
APN sp.koodo.com
Proxy Blank (Don't enter anything)
Port Blank (Don't enter anything)
Username Blank (Don't enter anything)
Password Blank (Don't enter anything)
Server Blank (Don't enter anything)
MMSC http://aliasredirect.net/proxy/koodo/mmsc
MMSC proxy
MMS port 80
MCC 302
MNC 220
Authentication type Blank (Don't enter anything)
APN type Blank (Don't enter anything)

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